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  • Rapidly chill fresh, hot coffee in a minute without dilution from ice cubes! Can you imagine brewing a cup of hot coffee and immediately being able to turn it into delicious fresh ICED coffee in just 60 seconds? The HyperChillers patented design contains two chambers of ice that you keep in your freezer until its ready to be used.
  • You can brew directly into the HyperChiller or pour hot coffee into a third 12.
  • 5oz.
  • chamber that is surrounded by the two frozen sections.
  • Swirl the Hyperchiller to chill the hot coffee, and thats it! In just 60 seconds, your hot coffee is ready to enjoy! Pour into a serving glass, add your creamer or additional ice and voila, you have instant gratification! Just think about all the time and money you will be saving! Its fast and simple to use.
  • The HyperChiller is compatible with most brewing methods, some even allow it to fit directly beneath a coffeemaker to brew and dispense directly into it.
  • Its not all about coffee, you can chill tea, juice, wine, spirits or other favorite beverages.
  • Clean up is so easy that all it needs is a simple rinse or place all pieces in the dishwasher.
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